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Cost Benefits: ROI

If you want to learn to drive, you take lessons.
If you want to learn to play the piano, you take lessons.
If you want to learn anything new, you take lessons - unless you want to spend a very long time over it and make a lot of mistakes. And time costs money.

If you want to write good documentation, all it takes is just one day.

This course pays for itself!

This one-day Technical Writing Course teaches you the essentials of writing professional documentation. And it pays off:

  • It helps your sales .

  • It reduces complaints and support calls .

  • It improves your company image .

  • It saves you time in writing and planning your manuals / procedures.

Click here for PDF Syllabus 

Easy — just Improve the Way You Write

Don't you wish writing a new manual was easier? All you need to know is the Easy Way to Write. I can show you the correct approach to Technical Writing; how to plan the documentation in minutes rather than hours (or even days) so that you include all the relevant material. And how to write it so that your readers will understand you, first time.

So, do something about it. This Technical Writing Course can really improve the way your staff write documentation. Learn the essentials in just One Day - which is not a lot to take out of your work schedule.

Financial and Non-Financial Benefits

There are benefits in many ways:

Procedures: Increased Efficiency / Productivity, and Lower Costs

With improved instructions and procedures, your staff can learn their tasks quicker, carry them out with fewer mistakes and with better accuracy.

Procedures: Lower Risk

If your staff or customers really understand your instructions / procedures properly at the first reading, then there are likely to be fewer mistakes, lower risk, and fewer accidents.

Click here for PDF Syllabus 

Products or Services: Improved Quality

When you use best practices to write your Operating Procedures / Work Instructions, your readers will understand the task more clearly. The aim is:

  • fewer mistakes
  • fewer complaints
  • fewer questions
  • fewer Support Calls
  • get on with the job, and get it right first time.

And so the quality of your products and services can improve.

Customers: Improved Satisfaction

Manuals and Instructions written in a professional, easy English manner, mean your Customers can use your products or service more efficiently, do their job better and quicker, so they are satisfied with what they have bought from you. This can lead to repeat business.

Finances: More orders

If your customers are happy, they might order more from you. They also tell other people, and these can become sales referrals: word-of-mouth is very a effective Sales aid.

Click here for PDF Syllabus 

Reduce the cost of your Support Calls

  • Good documentation reduces complaints because customers can find the answers without phoning your help desk.

  • Proper search facilities mean they can find information easily.

  • Correct use of language means they can understand what it says.

  • This can reduce your support overheads considerably.

This Course — Good Value for Money!

Your staff can learn how to produce consistent, well-written manuals and help guides.

  • Show that you mean business.

  • Give your readers / customers best-practice, professional documentation.

  • Help your customers to find the right information, quickly.

  • Help them to get the very best out of your product/service.

A good Company Image helps you to win orders. 

Click here for PDF Syllabus 

Improve your Sales with better documentation

A Help file or Manual that impresses people is a Sales Aid. Good documentation shows that you care about your customers. Find out how to write correctly with our Technical Writing Course; then you can give your prospects peace of mind about buying from you, and turn them into customers.

Help Users to train themselves

"It's great. I give new staff one module to learn, and they are moving on to the next by themselves!"
- Sheena W.,  Team Leader, Eagle Star Pensions.

  • Learn how to create and structure Help files and Manuals, so that readers can teach themselves how to use your product / service; or learn correct procedures, etc.
  • This adds value, because it saves considerably on one-on-one training of new staff.

Here are some of the benefits of learning the correct way to
write Plain English

New manual saved 125 support calls a month on just one product

"In one test, customers who used the clearly written manual made about 125 fewer calls a month than customers who used the old manual."
- Cathy J. Spencer & Diana Kilbourn Yates, A Good User's Guide Means Fewer Support Calls and Lower Support Costs, 42 Technical Comm. 52 (1995).

Royal Mail saved 1/2 million in 9 months by rewriting their forms

When you move to a new address, you complete a redirection-of-mail form for Royal Mail.

The old form was so confusing that there was an 87% error rate when customers filled it in. This cost Royal Mail about 10,000 a week trying to sort out the problems caused. 

Authoring specialists redesigned the form, and this substantially reduced the error rate, saving Royal Mail 500,000 in the next nine months.