Testimonials from Technical Writing Course Delegates

What did delegates say about this course? Here are some comments. Verbatim. Word for word.

  • “I would recommend it to anyone who has to write and maintain any type of document. This course is really going to save me precious time.” – Kyla Young, Operations Manager, Dataflow Communications.

  • “Very good; very interesting for a subject that could have been very dry.”   – Malcolm Johnson, Acterna.
  • “I would like to commend you on a thorough introduction to technical writing.”  – Robin Slee, Systems Developer.

  • “It was my pleasure to attend, which is something I have never before said about a training course. Keep up the excellent work.” – R.W., Systems Developer.

  • “Many thanks for the course yesterday. I for one found it extremely useful, and judging from the comments I’ve had from my colleagues, so did they.”   – L.P., Development Manager, Distinction Systems Ltd.

“The training day was…

  • “Very useful, productive and inspiring.” – Mike Schulze, Associate Director Clinical Standards Europe, Quintiles Ltd, Frankfurt.

  • “It was really what I was looking for, to help me produce good documentation.”
    – Patrice Pajot, Acterna.

  • “Excellent! Very informative, lots to think about and has provided me with some great tools to produce documentation.”

  • “Most Enjoyable. The subject could have been dry; however, the way the training was executed made it enjoyable.” – David MacDivitt, Senior Customer Information Officer, Coventry University.

  • “Useful & interesting – especially as a whole-team activity.” – DH – Technical Author.

  • “The document planning was very good. It had a direct application to our work.”

  • “Well structured and focused on our needs.” – Malcolm Johnson, Acterna.

  • “Very good. Exceeded my expectations! I was wondering how to make a seemingly arduous task less daunting.”

  • “Surprisingly very interesting and refreshing. Enjoyed the subject and the way the message was delivered.”

“The most interesting part was…

  • “The most interesting parts for me were the exercises because I like the ‘hands on’ approach. I find ‘to do’ is the best way for me to learn. I also liked sharing ideas with my colleagues and having the time to think about how we can move forward with our documentation project. I valued Philip’s input and suggestions.” – Margaret McDermott, Training Advisor, Quintiles Ltd UK.

  • “Planning the work. I have a problem getting bogged down with details; this frees me up.”
    – Hugo Horsfield, Operations Technical Specialist, Data flow Communications.

  • “It was refreshing to be asked to use plain English. The section on the easy use of Word was very useful.”

  • “Structuring of documents – practical, useful and stimulating. It will make my job a lot easier in future.”

  • “Document planning, because it helps gather the jumbled thoughts about a project onto one page.”

  • “How to plan and structure documents – I can see this having an immediate effect.”
    – OD, Technical Author.

  • “Good break-up of listening, doing, relevant documentation planning, etc. Good frequent breaks makes concentration easier! Important!”

“I learned…

  • “To be precise and deliver the information in a clear, comprehensible fashion.”
    – Liz Watson, Customer Support Analyst, Coventry University.

  • “A way of structuring documents and identify where sections should go.”
    – Malcolm Johnson, Acterna.

  • “Approaching from a task-oriented point of view. Before this, I felt as if I had to capture all functionality.”

  • “…that Plain English is very important; and also learned how to plan documentation.”

  • “Document planning techniques – very good.”

  • “A lot of useful ideas about documentation.”

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Philip Tory,  BSc(Hons), Dip.M.
Technical Writer and International Trainer, retired.
Gloucester UK


Example documentation

ESO E-ELT Design Specification
I edited the Technical Specification for ESO’s largest optical telescope in the world; also their Health and Safety at Altitude Manual.