About the Author and Trainer – Philip Tory

About the Author - Philip Tory, BSc(Hons), Dip.M. Technical Author
About the Author – Philip Tory

Philip Tory is a very Technical Author and Entrepreneur, who has run a successful, full-time Technical Writing business since 2000. He has written a wide range of documentation, mostly in the form of Instruction, Installation, Setup and Maintenance Manuals.

These covered all kinds of technologies and business sectors. Some were low-tech, such as a Business Procedures Manual about how to run a Lawn Care Franchise; or an Installation Manual on how to shop-fit the Cinnabon chain of fast-food outlets. And some were very high-tech, such as how to process Nuclear Waste at Berkeley Nuclear Power Station; and how to operate and maintain a 3-dimensional, X-ray Scanning machine.

He edited the Database of all Medical Equipment used by all the Hospitals and Dentists throughout India. He edited the Requirement Specification for the European Extremely Large Telescope — the largest optical telescope on the planet — see here and here.

Alongside these authoring contracts, he ran Technical Writing Courses, training several hundred people across the UK and Europe, and as far away as India and the USA.

Now that he has “retired from active duty”, he is now providing the complete Technical Writing Course in the form of a 150-page PDF manual, plus a PowerPoint presentation and some other resources that he used. This includes everything covered during the “live” training day, plus a lot more.

He wants to pass on the best of his writing skills to you, so that your trainees can write excellent Manuals and other Documentation in the future. It can change your writing style for the rest of your life.
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His background education and career is as a scientist and an engineer, with wide career interests in these fields and in various technologies.

Some bullet points about his background:

  • He studied physical sciences at 4 universities to Master’s level.
  • He has an Open University Business Management diploma; and has studied Sales and Marketing.
  • In his early career, he was an electronics engineer on the Concorde Flight Computers; on fly-by-wire avionics for fighter aircraft at RAE Farnborough; in medical electronics at AWRE. And he designed the first electronic Pay and Display ticket machines that went into production in the UK — sorry, it’s his fault!
  • For 20+ years, he was in Technical Sales and Marketing, including selling computer systems for Leisure Centres. This role included writing the on-screen Help Guides / Manuals. He also had a Training role for staff and customers, and acted as technical backup to the Help Desk.
  • He was then a Software Product and Quality Manager for some years, continuing to write Instruction, Installation and Setup Manuals / online Help Guides.
  • He has always had the knack of explaining things so that the target readers can understand in one reading, which has helped in his roles in Sales, Training, Technical Writing and so on.
  • Even at University, after a heavy lecture, his classmates sometimes asked him “What was that all about, Philip?” and he would give them the Plain English version! Later, he won the Year Prize for the Best Finals Thesis.

About the Author

Philip Tory,  BSc(Hons), Dip.M.
Technical Writer and International Trainer.
Gloucester GL1 5DD          UK


Example documentation

Software Help Guide - BP Shipping Oil Fleet
I wrote several Software Manuals and on-screen Help Guides for the BP Shipping Oil Fleet.

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