Technical Writing Course Outline

Course Outline: How to write Technical Documentation for business and industry.

Technical Writing Skills for Life

This Training Workbook shows you the best way to write professional, user-friendly technical documentation.

If you write any instructional material such as Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, User Manuals, online Help Guides etc, then this course is for you and maybe others at work. It works for any business or industry, whether you write for external customers or for internal staff.

Course Outline in brief

MODULE 1: How to Write

  • Writing to make it clear for the reader
  • How to target your reader groups
  • Layout and use of images
  • Plain English skills for technical writing
  • Written Exercises to help you remember what you learn.

MODULE 2: Planning and Structure

In this module, you learn –

  • Powerful document planning techniques that can save you hours (or days!)
  • How to Structure the document
  • How to include the relevant and eliminate the irrelevant
  • Save time, stress and money!

MODULE 3: Working Smart in MS Word

A bonus module on Power Tips for Word for the Technical Writer.

  • How to get the best out of MS Word. There are many things in Word that most people don’t know about, and these can help you to improve your writing style and save you time.
  • I show you an easy way to create an “Index-at-the-back”, and how to quick-tag your selected Index Keywords. The Resources CD includes a special macro for this.

Philip Tory,  BSc(Hons), Dip.M.
Technical Writer and International Trainer.
Gloucester UK


To obtain this course, please write to me, Philip Tory, via the Contact page. For more details, please go to the Home Page.
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Example documentation

Manuals for a Range of industrial, hand-operated tugs
I wrote several Manuals for a range of industrial, Hand-Operated Tugs