Optical System Design

Hollow Guide Optical Systems Design makes a range of optical and laser systems. At HGL , we have helped many customers turn their ideas into real products.
Our research, development and design work is meticulously executed to the highest standards.
A good example is ZZT Development, for which we Optical Systems Designed a 20-element microlithography objective after finding an excellent configuration with ZZSEARCH(tm).
Then we determined the maximum achievable storage capacities and densities.
That said, even the best ideas fall flat without proper execution.
Projects that required days or weeks before can now be fleshed out in less than a day.
With our in-house capabilities, we can complete multiple iterations in the time it takes other companies to build a first prototype.
We have an online tutorial showing how a beginner can design an 8X zoom lens with no prior experience.
Comprehensive client support services are testing as well pre and after-sales technical support and training.
Contact HollowGuide Integrated Optics today to find out how MO can assist with your communication requirements.
The team provides to BJ-MAX customers modelling and simulation services that includes Modelling and simulation of Electro-optical systems. Prediction of the Temperature behaviour of complex targets. Modelling plume radiation. Atmospheric transmittance and scattering. Signature analysis.
Optical Systems Design Prototyping also plays a critical engineering role in any new optical product development.
This could be behavioural, economical, societal, etc.
Tell us about how your technology is unique.
When overall system volume is an important performance metric, the optimal designs change drastically resulting in a reduction of roughly two orders of magnitude in media storage density.
Our in-house Optical System Design, diamond turning, glass lens fabrication, CNC machining, Wire EDM, injection moulding, and assembly and test equipment enables us to build precision prototypes much faster and less expensively than separately sourcing optics and mount parts.