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Closing Down!
Sorry, I am finally retiring, and
will be taking no more orders for Training Sessions; but...

I'm passionate about good writing, and wanted to pass on the best of what I know, to people like you and your team, but I've decided to retire from doing instructor-led training courses.

I've studied the subject for years across the English-speaking countries. I've gathered feedback from hundreds of people who write technical documentation in their work, and analysed their needs. Almost everything they ever asked for is now in this Course.

I've trained several hundred people in 10 countries - that's in the UK, across Europe, and as far away as India and the USA, and I've had excellent feedback.

But ! As I'm still in demand, I'm considering what to do in the future. If you're interested, do contact me and tell me what you need. I am considering options, so watch this space - I hope to be able to offer an alternative in the future.

Improve your Instruction Manuals significantly with this course.

It is aimed at anyone who mainly writes Instructions, such as:
  • Health & Safety Procedures
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Installation Guides
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Maintenance Guides
  • Operating Manuals
  • Software Help Guides
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Test Procedures
  • User Manuals
  • Work Instructions, etc
- but there is also a short module on Report Writing.

Learn the technical writing skills and best practices needed for first-class technical documentation.

Learn to write professional Manuals that are Easy To Read

All you need is this comprehensive course. You have the technical knowledge: this course helps you to express information correctly, so that the readers can understand.

Good documentation has saved many companies thousands of pounds a year in reduced support costs alone.

This course covers:

  • Best practices for writing in clear, user-friendly English.

  • A refresher of essential grammar.

  • How to target the end reader/user groups.

  • How to handle Jargon and Acronyms.

  • Writing Tips to help the reader to understand with ease.

  • Powerful techniques to Plan the Content.

  • How to work faster for the same effort.

  • How to create an "Index-at-the-back", quickly and easily.

  • And lots more.

  • Resources CD with more hints and tips, such as a special section on Equipment Photography.

See Course outline information here >

Click here for Outline Details

Improve your Technical Writing skills for the rest of your career

If you purchase this course you would join several hundred other people across ten countries who have learned the practical skills needed to be effective writers.

I want to inspire you, to motivate you, to encourage you to be a better writer, and to help you to learn and understand the techniques required. With nearly 25 years' experience as a technical writer, I specialise in easy-to-read manuals and help guides.

These Technical Writing Courses are based on many years of study, research, writing experience, and feedback from hundreds of end-users.

Learn these skills so that your readers, your customers, can understand by reading something once, and get the job done without calling your Help Desk.

Training Courses held in Mumbai, India

Join the Club!

Most people have never had a Technical Writing Course, so come and 'join the club', like these people above at a pharmaceuticals company in Mumbai, India.


Technical Writing Course Training Manual
150-page Course Workbook

Testimonials from delegates

"The Manual itself is worth the money" - R. Riley, Riley Associates, Huddersfield.

“Having had some time to look through the manuals I’ve written, I can already see how I can improve them, which is good. I must admit to having taken the Training Manual home with me and re-capping a lot of the information on Tuesday evening!” – M. Bryant, Security Foiling Ltd.

"The section on planning was the most interesting as this is something that is immediately relevant. Overall, a very good course. It presented a number of techniques that I can use immediately with no extra tools."

– A. Hall, Head of Development Methods Group, Bank of England, London.

"This course is really going to save me precious time. I would recommend it to anyone who has to write and maintain any type of document." – Kyla Young, Operations Manager,
Dataflow Communications.

A small group in training

"The course was useful and informative. Good pace and delivered at a level understandable to the delegates. The most interesting part was the Clear English module, because it's been a long time since I was at school and I slipped into bad habits."
– Glen Norman, Training Coordinator, LES Engineering, Humberside.

“Very interesting. The content was excellent and meaningful to my job. I learnt a great deal – many things I didn’t know before. I would recommend this course to others.”
– Mandy Raison, Learning & Development Manager, Airborne Systems, Bridgend.

The training course was very interesting and showed me some basic errors that I currently do without thinking. I learned a lot of details about making documents simpler and more user-friendly. Excellent information.” – Andrew Thalayasignham, Production Engineer, Airborne Systems, Bridgend.

“I did actually use the techniques soon after to produce a report that leads to a request for expenditure approaching 8 figures, which has been well received, so thank you.”
– Richard Carver, Offshore Operations Engineer, Perenco, Norfolk.

“I learned a good understanding of the role of a technical author and what I need to plan and consider. The training day was well-presented and kept my interest throughout. Questions were well answered and discussed.  The course manual provides good post-course resource and will be a good point of reference when I require tips and advice. It was an excellent course.”
– Brian Livingstone,
BAE Instrument Landing Systems, Telford.